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  • I paid psychs $300/hr to correct my thinking and nothing worked until I spoke to you. I've got a lot of shit to drag out but you set the wheels in motion to take the pressure down.
    Chris F Port Hedland, WA
  • I wish I knew what I'm putting out in the universe. Because I'm being bombarded with messages from ladies everywhere.
    Rodney S Forbes, NSW
  • I don't mean to sound corny, but you were like a guardian angel! Your timing was perfect. I badly needed help and I was spiraling out of control and you put me back on track.
    Jai H Brisbane, QLD
  • Just an update for everyone, this is where I'm at after doing Ainsley's course. Pretty happy for sure and if I can get this far, there is certainly hope for everyone. (Jason is now married with a little girl)
    Jason O Port Hedland, WA


Do You Follow Or Pursue Women? How To Get The Chase Right
You get into a conversation with a woman on Tinder. She’s pretty cute, you’re back & forth with a bit of banter and things seem alright. Over the course of a few days, things are heating up & you’re about to drop the gavel & ask her out. But before you can, she falls off the planet. READ MORE


Holding Yourself In Masculine Energy & What It Means To Her
When I was a little kid, I picked up early on that it’s defective to be a girl. That you’re weak, pathetic & silly if you giggle, act coy and let the boys chase you. In Year 1 my crush punched me hard in the stomach for leaning over his desk. And while it physically hurt, I was devastated. So it was at that moment I figured that I’d get more respect from boys if I acted like one. READ MORE


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