This is for the single, 30 & 40 somethings who are HUNGRY for the trip of a lifetime & a total life transformation!


Have you ever wanted to go to one of those retreats or events that turn you into a completely different person?

Feeling good. Looking sexy. With a whole new perspective on life?

Have you ever wanted to run away from your job, other people, the grind, the pressure ... and never speak to anyone again?

Are your emotions are all over the place, you don't know what to do with your life and you're surrounded by mediocrity?

Have you been DESPERATELY looking for a way out of your current situation ... to get clarity around who you are, who you want to be and the kind of life you want to REALLY live?

Then Yucatan Slam & Jungle Rumble is for YOU. 



Because it's Life Transformation on STEROIDS! Where else do you get to expand your mind, body & spirit ... while also exploring the world?

You get to spend 21 FULL days with an expert on freedom & living your best life at your disposal to mould you and shape you into a sexy, confident, powerful YOU.


During this experience you'll have;

  • Mind blowing mindset shifts based tools from Neuroscience, NLP, Law of Attraction, Psychology & Quantum Physics

  • A complete 360° view of who you are & how you impact your world

  • A precise understanding of your relationships with others

  • Insights into how you hold yourself back

  • Pushed way out of your comfort zone with adrenaline activities & fun adventures

  • And be given the mindset & tools to absolutely BLOW your current life out of the water ... making way for a new you!

Not only that, there'll be daily practice of meditation, exercise & journalling to build great habits of discipline & guide you through your transformation.


And then there's the FUN stuff!


Swimming with Whalesharks & Turtles, camping on a volcano, cobblestone streets of ancient cities, turquoise waters in the tropical Caribbean ... and lazy evenings kicking back to good tunes & a margarita or two on the beach.

This trip has it ALL!

But most importantly, you get an entire transformation of mind, body & spirit. Through workshops on self esteem & mindset, building better relationships, success & future planning, self awareness and personal power.


So are you ready to BUST OUT the backpack, dust off the hiking boots & get cracking on this FREEDOM filled life?

Of Course You Are!

If you had to think about that question, then DON'T read on ...


BUT if you ARE one of the smart ones, then you're invited to join me for 21 days of margaritas, Whalesharks, caves, volcanoes, tropical islands, healthy food, meditation, turtles, lakes, hikes and luxury homes ...


***stopping for breath here ...


PLUS workshops on self awareness, facing your demons, self confidence, designing your future, mastering your emotions, Law of Attraction & Brain Science, mindset, relationships, dating & communication.


Hi I’m Ainsley Micallef & This Is What I'm About


  • I'm a Tour Guide who's shown people around Africa, Australia & New Zealand in buses & trucks
  • I'm a Cook & used to create gourmet, 3 course meals for up to 40 people
  • I'm a Teacher/Trainer 'by trade' who taught Diploma level courses as well as professional/personal development for corporate
  • I've got 10 years experience in speaking, teaching & transforming people in Dating, Business, Relationships & Life! 
  • I've taught CEO's, refugees, ex cons & people just like you about yourself & how to feel powerful in this big awesome world.
  • I've spent 10's of thousands of hours & dollars learning Social Psychology, NLP, Neuroscience & Quantum Physics both formally & informally.
  • I live in Playa del Carmen in Mexico (one of the places you'll visit)
  • I'm flighty, silly and will love your guts for you just being you. 
  • I LOVE animals, 80's glam rock, don't eat meat, dance like a crazy person, swear too much, lived in a tent for 3 years and am honest to a fault.

Not only that, I've been where you are ...

10 years ago I was in corporate, unhappy, lost and unsure about who I was or what the hell I was doing.

I had a drug & alcohol problem that masked my insecurities & lack of self worth and I didn't know where I belonged.

Then I did a course on Self Awareness and that was it for me - the beginning of a long career in the study of personal development, psychology & human behaviour which I live and breathe EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Since then I've created the ultimate life that I wanted ... and while my quest for expansion never ends, I found happiness.

So over 21 days, I'll help you do the same!

I'm inviting YOU to come & hang out over here in Central America with a hand picked crew of like-minded crazies for the experience of a lifetime!


Because if you're anything like me (a free spirit who can't sit still) ... you want to know how to hack life so you can live it like you stole it!




But best of all? I’m already here! 

So I’m in touch. On the ground. And waiting for you!


A Tour Snapshot

  • Mind: Workshops

    8 Transformational Workshops on future, relationships, confidence, success & mindset. 

    Together we’ll undo the last ‘however many years’ of brain trash that’s limiting you … and build a confident, in control & self directed YOU who’s ready to take on the world! 

  • Body: Health, Fitness & Adrenaline Activities

    Fitness: Time every day to run, gym, swim, ride, WHATEVER you want.

    Health: Meals included are meat & dairy free in the spirit of health, the environment & loving animals. But don’t worry, we’ll eat out too, so the carnivores don’t miss out on their fat juicy steaks or cheesy pizzas.

    Adrenaline Activities: Swimming with whalesharks & turtles, island buggies, volcanos, kayaking, hiking, CRAZY local markets, optional scuba dives & paraglides. I’ve got the fun covered. All you need to do is show up.

  • Spirit: Meditation, Philanthropy

    We’ll have daily rituals such as meditation, journalling & gratitude. 

    Not only that, we’ll give a helping hand to some local charities while learning about the amazing work they do for locals.

 The trip starts in Cancun where we then jump on the ferry over to the absolutely BLINDINGLY gorgeous, Isla Mujeres for a few days.

After Isla we hit Cancun again to swim with Whalesharks before Me Collageheading down to one of MY favourite places in the world, Playa del Carmen. 

Playa is busy, modern, bustling and a WHOLE ton of fun! So we'll spend 5 days here doing a combination of workshops, swimming with turtles & wallowing in clear water lagoons ... all while giving you time to shop, play & learn before we head down to the 'hippy town' of Tulum.

In Tulum we'll hire bikes & I'll take you on a big day out to the ruins, stunning beaches & cliffside bars for lunch & a Corona. We'll also have a workshop here as well.

Then we'll depart Mexico & fly to Guatemala City where we'll be whisked off to the historical town of Antigua. We'll do some more workshops & then climb Volcan Acatenango, the sleeping giant that looms over the Antiguan valley, where we'll camp overnight.

Next we're off to the deeply synergystic Lake Atitlan & the village of San Marcos. This place is MAGIC (and where I am right now), very holistic, hippy & alternative, it's THE place to rub shoulders with the brilliant ... and the stoned. This part of the trip includes more workshops, hiking Indian's Nose for sunrise, the bustling markets of Chichicatenango and time to reflect on your next step.

What's Included

The tour includes a series of dynamic workshops, daily rituals, meditation, adrenaline activities, awesome meals, staying in luxury homes & having a CRACKING time with hand picked, like minded crazies!

20 x Nights Accommodation (a combination of hotels & houses)

All Group Related Transport Within Tour 

Breakfast daily

9 x Lunches

14 x Dinners

8 x Workshops

All Entry Fees To Group Activities

Free WiFi

Group Activities (golf buggy tour, whaleshark swim, cenotes, turtle swim, bike tour, Tulum ruins, overnight volcano camp & hike, Indian's Nose hike)


PLUS The Following Bonuses ...


FREE Courses! You'll have free access to all of my online courses on personal, business & life development that I create up until the trip


Meet The Gang! Get to know your travel buddies LONG BEFORE your trip starts in the private FB group


Get My Help NOW! Monthly mindset, life & business coaching from Ainsley on ANYTHING you want help with 

What You'll Get Out Of This Experience

A totally new you in your mind, body & spirit.


But not only that you'll get;

Life changing activities 

Meet crazy fun people JUST.LIKE.YOU

Find FRESH inspiration & ideas EVERYWHERE

Insights into how to start an online business so you can travel

Weightloss (a byproduct of the great food & activities)

Solid clarity around what you want to do for the next phase of your life

Inspiration to travel

Great relationships with friends & family

A HUGE understanding of who you are

Self love & high self esteem

New habits & attitude around your life & choices in it

Laughing like a hyena again

Tapping into your sense of humour & letting it shine out of you like sunbeams

Breakdowns followed by breakthroughs

And fun doing what you want SIMPLY by being who you

want ...


... YOU!


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