I've got a rap sheet as long as my arm, right leg & the weird hair growing out of my chin. I'm that kid who used to run away from home at 3 years old with no undies on ... and at 40 years old, not much has changed.

So I won't bore you with bullshittery ... here are my factoids;

  • Was a tour guide through Australia, New Zealand & Africa
  • Am an accredited business teacher/trainer
  • Have been a dating coach, business teacher & life coach
  • Grew those businesses to $12k & 20k a month within 2 months
  • Haven't lived in one place longer than 2 years for 20 years
  • Lived in tents for 3 years
  • Ticked off 3 bucket lists (so far)
  • Studied, taught, mentored & coached over 1000 people in all areas of their lives using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychology, Law of Attraction, Neuroscience & making them do stuff they didn't want to do (at first)
  • Spent the last 2 years house-sitting luxury homes in Central America
  • Struggled, failed, navel gazed, experimented and learned the hard way about success & what it truly takes to get your shit together & make life happen EXACTLY how you want it to.



Through figuring out what works to create anything you want out of thin air.

It broke my brain a bazillion times - and I'll use it til the day I die in my sleep (because I've decided that's what's happening).

But for 20+ years, everything I said I'd do, I did.

And then some.

So when I hit the skids big time financially, I was forced to break down the process (in every little tiny painstaking detail - arrgh!) so I could get back on the wagon.

I scoured books, did courses, meditated, journalled, strategised and studied ... to reverse engineer the process to true success.

So now I can show YOU how to get some BIG RIDICULOUS ACTION yourself (squee!)