Maybe you know EXACTLY what you want … and need more detailed clarity about how to get it


Maybe you’ve got a bazillion things you want to change in your life … and it all feels like an overwhelming bottleneck


Maybe you’re sick of out-of-touch millionaires telling you that if you ‘do this ONE thing, millions will fall from the sky like they did for me’


Maybe you’re just trying to improve yourself and want to know how to do that … without enduring another happy clappy seminar

No matter what your reason … the FIRST point of ANY goal achievement is;

Shiny disco ball,

Crystal clear,

‘I know EXACTLY what this is!’



This Is For You If ...

You're Lacking Motivation: You know what you want. But every thought of it feels like a fast swim in quick sand. You're like one of those birds that are ok in the air, but they suck at take off & landing.

You Aren't Clear On Your End Goal: You kinda sorta know what you want … but you’re hopping around like a rabbit at a greyhound convention. So your goal can’t catch you & eat you.

You’re Talking But Not Doing: You’ve been banging on about this thing for-like-ever! … so much so that even your cat’s covering his ears. And you’re no closer to it – because you’re not doing steps to get it.

You're Too Focused On What You Don't Want: You’re very clear about the ‘don’t want’ goals. And you’ll happily tell anyone in ear shot how much you don’t want them. Problem is, you’re creating this in your reality ... because you’re paying attention to it.

You’ve Failed It Before: You had a bad experience when you had a crack at this thing before. So it haunts your brain to the point where it’s become a bad obsession … following you around in those quiet moments ... tormenting your soul.

But With Chaos To Clarity, Here Are 7 Ways Your Life Will Change ...

See Your Goal & The Path To It CLEARLY!

Your goals won’t be arbitrary – i.e. based on flip flopping around. You’ll know exactly what you want and what plan & systems to put in place to make it happen.

Decision Making = EASY!

It’ll be easy to decide what to do next. A simple, ‘will this get me closer to my goals or further away?’ will help you make the right choices to get you to the next step.

It'll FEEL Possible & Doable

You won’t be in your own head … buying into self doubt. You’ll understand that ALL success comes from a process and luck happens when you create it.

Know What You Need To Get It DONE!

Learning tools, a coach/teacher, materials, money or anything else that’s required to get you to your success point will show up. Because you KNOW what you’re looking for … and are open to accepting it.

Take The Emotion Out & Put The ACTION In!

The emotions & self-doubt fade away when you know what you’re doing & why. They won’t have time to rear their heads, because you’ll be too busy ‘doing’ to bother buying into them.

Life Will Be Easy-er

When you have clarity around what you want in life, the noise, dramas and other crap that clogs your brain fades away. You’ll cut out time wasters & free yourself up to only focus on things that are important to you.

Your Psychology Will Change

A clear mind means focused attention. Your entire attitude, belief system and behaviour will align with your goal which makes the process to achieving it feel natural and enjoyable.

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4 No-Brainer Reasons Why I Know (Quite A Bit) About These Things

My Goals Have Mostly Been Stupidly Ridiculous Pie-In-The-Sky Jobbies ... And I Achieved Em: When I get something in my head … I make it happen. Whether it’s tour guiding in Africa, finding love, chasing whalesharks, great whites, crocodiles & lions, house sitting in Central America, growing my business or jumping off high objects. I set goals & smash them … leaving the naysayers standing in my wake.

I’ve Also Screwed Up A Few Dozen Times: I wouldn’t even call it failure. I’d call it not getting anywhere … it was my biggest bugbear for a long time (this was specifically in my businesses). And it cost lots of money, time and headaches. BUT. On the flipside … I was forced to create a goal setting process that’s freakin’ water tight from all the learning gaps I filled up.

I’ve Spent $80,000 And 11 Years Studying & Teaching Success Psychology In Dating, Business/Career, Self Improvement, Relating & Scaring The Shit Out Of People (In A Good Way)! I’ve done hundreds of courses/books/seminars in all areas of mindset, human behavior and success. And all from different modalities including; Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychology, Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics & Neuroscience.

I'm also a teacher/trainer 'by trade' so have worked with everyone from CEOs to refugees to government employees to the disadvantaged.

Over 1000 Clients & Students Have Also Done Crazy-Ass Things Because Of Me: I’ve helped people succeed in lots of areas of their lives, including; meeting ‘The One’, making $12k a day in their business, scoring their dream job, moving across the world, getting along with their ex for the sake of their kids, losing weight, changing careers, believing in themselves … and even jumping out of a perfectly good plane with a parachute.

What You Get In The Chaos To Clarity System

- 1 x 30 minute audio

- A workbook

- VIP Access to the Life Reinvention Learning Hub community


3 Simple Steps To Turn Your Goal From ‘ARGH!’ To ‘YEAH!’ In 30 Minutes

Using the power of your imagination & visualisation

Step #1 - Vision Mapping

Treat your goal & its components like a shopping catalogue. I’ll show you how to source the right elements for building your vision & turning it into reality.

Step #2 - Foundation To High Rise Dream Building 

A simple (and stupidly FUN) process for creating a clear, tangible sequence to get to your goal … so you can start collecting resources, ideas and tools like a granny at a garage sale.

Step #3 - The Psychological Brain Training Exercise 

Create new neurological pathways in your brain so your subconscious mind thinks the goal is already happening. This will change your actions, decisions and behaviour ... so before you know it, you’ll be there doing it.

And Here's My Brag Sheet

So WHY Is This Different To Anything Else Out There?

I’ve never found a system that ONLY focuses on clarifying your goal.

Most offers out there are strategies to GET you the result - which is great. But it's all based on assuming what your personal result actually is ... and the level you're at.

And if you're not at the level they expect you to be ... you'll jump 3 steps ahead & miss important lessons you need to actually succeed.


This causes lots of problems down the track & turns the whole process into a big fat mess ... because you weren't clear in the first place.


Plus the steps you were taught missed a basic fundamental truth ... that if you don't have clarity, then you won't succeed.

And it’s a problem I see lots of people suffer from. You end up wasting time & money on courses, mentors or info that's either;

  • Full of fluffy ‘feel good but going nowhere’ information that makes you more confused
  • OR is too advanced for where you're at in your journey
  • OR bullshits you about the length of time it takes to get your result

You might have all the strategies, processes and information already ... but if you lack 100% clarity on what you want ... or don't know where you need to start to fill your learning gaps ...

then they’re as useless as paper weights in the 21st Century.

It’s soul destroying and brain breaking when you keep failing without knowing what EXACTLY you're meant to be doing ... especially when you've got some millionaire guru shouting you down for not being where they're at.

When all you REALLY need is more clarity.

In my case, I spent ages going around in circles figuring it out on my own … as a result, I’ve studied the hell out of it, dealt with my internal demons holding me back and got strategic, methodical and crystal clear about what I wanted to create.

When you get clear, the goal getting battle is half won.

Everything else just falls into place.

So You Can Either Bump Around Confused And Frustrated ...

Or Get 'Chaos To Clarity' And;

Create clear cut, diamond shaped goals that excite, inspire & motivate you

Get the results you want with much less time & effort

Give your brain direction & instructions on each step to follow


Rinse & repeat the process for every goal you ever want to achieve


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