Remember as a kid, when you'd hold the broom in the air & stare at it while spinning around in circles?

Then you'd chuck it on the ground and COMPLETELY miss jumping over it because you were swaying around like an alcoholic on payday?

It was the most meaningless fun you could ever have!! You'd do stuff and you never knew why you were doing it, but because it was stupid fun and you didn't care about the 'how' or 'why'.

It was so easy to tap into joy back then.


And running around like a hyperactive labrador with 30 tennis balls.


But then you started 'adulting'!


So happiness got lost in you being all Captain Sensible with grown up nonsense like bills, running late, saying the right things so you don't piss people off, hiding who you REALLY are ... and stifling your poor inner little human.


As a result, work stress, other people, money & a lack of inspiration is riding your butt ... and you wish you had more control over your moods and your life so you felt AMAZING more often.


Well I've got the secret to a new way of thinking, feeling & doing that'll help you tap into your happy place at any given time.

By turning your frown upside down ... and your energy into a bright happy sunbeam.

So What's This 'Happy' Business Then?

Well my friend, I'm gonna get a little serious on you for a second (yikes!).

Find Your Happy isn't just some floaty 'let's all clap hands & sing Kumbaya' type deal.

Oh no baby.

Find Your Happy digs WAAAAAY deeper than that!




I've consolidated 10 years of research, experience and study into a 30 day TRANSFORMATIONAL program that, if you do it properly, will completely change the way you think, feel and behave.

This will in turn change how your external environment (other people, work, home, results) reacts to you thus improving your sense of self worth, confidence & self esteem.

I use Social Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction to get inside your brain and change your whole perspective on life.

I teach you powerful tools such as; life by design, meditation, self counselling, anger management & DIY hypnosis.
But it won't be full of confusing jargon, I've made it super easy to follow & understand.
AND it isn't time consuming ... so it's perfect for the lazy & the busy! 
You watch your video when you wake up, listen to your audio on the way to work and do your task when you have 10 minutes spare through the day (I'm SURE you can find it).
So you'll learn about;
* The power of setting intentions
* How your thoughts create your external world
* The BEST way to deal with negative emotions 
* The link between Neuroscience & Law Of Attraction ... and how to use it to get anything you want in life
* The secrets of Life By Design
* How to handle your anger & reactions
* Key tricks to beat depression & anxiety
Plus TONS more!
So it's not just about walking around the streets smiling like a weirdo all day. It runs WAY deeper than that ... right into your BRAIN & impacting your Neurological Pathways to create PERMANENT change.
I GUARANTEE, that if you play along, you'll be a different person to when you started.


I know because I live it every day, I've been learning, living & teaching this stuff for 10 years AND I've transformed my own and other people's lives.


  • Find Your Happy will clear up any 'past events' that are bogging you down so you can take off the excess baggage and be FREE again.
  • Find Your Happy will help you make plans for your future, give you the tools to reach your goals and have you wetting  your pants in excitement.
  • Find Your Happy will teach you about Emotional Intelligence and how to apply it to your life so you're chilled & calm when caca hits the fan.
  • Find Your Happy will show you how to cultivate AWESOME relationships with people so they never get 'all up in yo' grill' EVER.AGAIN.
  • Find Your Happy will help you find the bright side of things in a world of cold cold rain.
  • Find Your Happy will show you what's going on in your brain & behaviour that's causing the 'unhappy' (boooo to unhappy).
  • Find Your Happy will make you freakin hilarious again so you're laughing, joking ... and putting Whoopie Cushions under people's butts.

Find Your Happy will help you find YOU again. 

That person who was once bright, shiny, crazy and large as life!

(and still IS underneath all the other stuff)

Get Find Your Happy Today For Just


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What You Get In Find Your Happy

Every morning for 30 days you'll get a 'Morning Glory' Pack delivered to your inbox with the following;


Morning Glory2A Video full of motivation, inspiration & compliments to make you feel totes amazeballs ALL DAY!

An Educational audio about your brain, meditation, emotional intelligence, law of attraction, relationships, communication, self talk, accountability, 'How to's' & a WHOLE LOT MORE! 

A daily task to make you grin, smile, laugh, lose your mind and any number of things that'll get that dopamine flowin' baby!


The chance to hang out online with other 'Find Your Happy' Campers so you can keep on track, share your happiness wins and make new friends.

What Life Is Like After Find Your Happy?

People will treat you better because you'll treat yourself better

Your mood will be more balanced & you'll start to feel good within yourself

Your wrinkles will soften and you'll radiate sunbeams

You'll get a spring in your step with the change in your energy

You'll look 10 years younger because you'll ACT 20 years younger

More opportunities will come into your life because you'll be welcome to it

Your self esteem & self belief will skyrocket because you'll love yourself more

You'll have new goals, dreams & aspirations to chase which will make you focused & excited

You'll be relaxed and chilled ... even when things don't go right

You'll love and appreciate the little things ... seeing them as nice little treats of happiness delivered to you every day


Get Find Your Happy Today For Just


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It's Time To Find Your Happy Captain Awesome

AND get your Morning Glory Pack delivered to your inbox with;


30 Days of Inspirational, Motivational & Complimentary Videos telling you how amazing you are and giving you a spring in your step every day.

30 Days of Educational Audios on your brain, meditation, emotional intelligence, law of attraction, relationships, communication, self talk, accountability, 'How to's' & a WHOLE LOT MORE! 

30 Days of Daily Tasks to lift your mood, make you laugh like a hyena and a whole other bunch of things to release that dopamine baby!




The chance to hang out online with other 'Find Your Happy' Campers so you can keep on track, share your happiness wins and make new friends.

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Get Find Your Happy Today For Just


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