How To Forgive Your Ex (And Others) So You Can Move On With Your Life & Trust People Again

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“Not forgiving someone is like drinking the poison & hoping they’ll die”

You've heard it all before & logically you know it's true. Yet you still hold onto this notion that if you're hurting ... it'll hurt them too.

But when you resent people for past conflicts, you lock yourself into negative emotions & attitude. This makes you sick, mistrust other people and project fear & insecurities into other relationships.

So over 4 easy to follow modules, you’ll learn how to trust again using Psychology & NLP based techniques.

PLUS Forgiveness Zen Master will make you assertive & super empowered to stand your grand and hold yourself in high esteem ... so you can have loving & fulfilling relationships.

This is for you if …

You’re Hurting After A Break Up

You want to forgive and forget so you can move on. You’re ready to take the lesson, understand the dynamic & the role you played so you can accept, embrace and then release it.

You’ve Got Unresolved Pain From Childhood

Whether you were abused, bullied or abandoned, it’s hard to accept & let go of what people you trusted did to you. But you’re done with the torment. You want to make peace and free yourself from the pain so you can have fun, loving and trusting relationships with others.

You’re Harboring Bitterness & Resentment From Betrayal, Manipulation & Rejection

It could’ve been a friend, parent, work colleague, boss or sibling. No matter what they did, you want to stop them renting space in your head. You want to fill your brain up with happy, positive thoughts and project good energy so you attract good, honest people around you.

BUT ...
Here Are 6 Ways Your Life Will Change After
Forgiveness Zen Master

You'll Relax In Your Face & Body

People wear bitterness in their faces and bodies. A subtle scowl of overthinking slowly chips away at your posture, creates wrinkles and can even come out in illness. So when you forgive & live a life of emotional freedom, love & happiness, your lines will soften, you’ll smile more, you’ll look younger and feel at peace with yourself.

You'll Get Your Power Back

Gain control of your emotions, thoughts & reactions. When the pendulum of power swings your way, they lose theirs & you’ll be in charge … indifferent to their pleas for mercy and happy to use your success as the only revenge.

Be Future & Present Focused (Instead Of Stuck In The Past)

The negativity of your past will be a distant memory. When you distract yourself with future plans or being present, you’ll get so addicted & excited that you’ll only ever want to think about, talk about & focus on what feels good.

Trust With An Open Heart So You Can Find Love Or Rebuild A Relationship

Open up to relationships with others and be at ease in yourself. You’ll value yourself and set assertive boundaries … without the rigidity that comes from fear (which pushes people away).

You’ll strongly influence in how people treat you. Because you love yourself & have a solid boundary of self respect.

You’ll Attract Love, Offers, Friendships, Opportunities

Open yourself up to receiving & you’ll get more than you ever dreamed of. Negative energy (even if you think you don’t have it) blinds & robs you of positive opportunities because you’re distracted & miss the signs. Whereas positive energy attracts new people, experiences, opportunities and offers.

The Voices Will Go Silent

Those moments in the shower or car, going through scenarios, rehashing, reliving and adding fuel to the fire? GONE! Your brain will declutter and you’ll be emotionally indifferent when thoughts do float in.

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5 Compelling Reasons Why I'm The BEST Person Help You

  1. I’ve Been There … MANY TIMES!

I used to get cheated on a lot when I was younger because I didn’t value myself.

Then I got into a serious relationship with someone who told me he’d marry me, he was ready for a family, I was the one … he even got a new tattoo & told me that it represented our love for each other. I fell for it hook, line & sinker because I was ready to settle down (in other words, I was willing to ignore red flags to fulfil my own agenda).

Unbeknownst to me, he was also saying the same stuff to someone else … and lying constantly.

When I found out, I was devastated. We were best friends for a long time before we got together so it was a double whammy betrayal.

I quickly checked myself into a 10 day silent meditation followed by 6 days at an Ashram. I was desperate to forgive & move on as quickly as possible.

And while it helped, I’d bypassed the deeper level work that was screaming out at me to sort out. I needed to be honest about my own participation in creating situations like this, face my fears, uncover my true feelings & do the process I’m going to teach you in order to truly heal.

Then after doing that inner work & declaring I was over it and ready for a new relationship, a new person walked into my life. I’d lifted the block of negative energy where subconscious resentment still lay … and this opened up the door for a new love.

  1. I’m an NLP Master Prac, Former Dating Coach and a Professional & Personal Development Teacher

I’ve spent 10 years and almost $80,000 on courses, books, seminars & other tools in Psychology, NLP, Law of Attraction, Neuroscience and all things personal development. I’ve taught professional & personal development in Colleges, Skill Centres, seminars and online. And I’ve helped thousands of people uncover their truth, forgive themselves & others, align to their goals and step out of their comfort zone with no apology.

  1. I Get To The Truth & Set You Free

I don’t tell you what you want to hear, I tell you what’ll change you and transform your thoughts, feelings & actions. We get to the core of the REAL reason as quickly as possible so you can understand the psychology of why it happened, accept it, embrace the lesson, feel gratitude for the experience & release it.

  1. I Get You Results

It’s not my full responsibility to get you the results (it’s a team effort), but I’ll give you proven tools to flush out your deepest wounds, kiss them better & help you get up & walk again.

  1. I’ve Taught Hundreds Of People In Various Situations How To Forgive After Trauma

As a dating coach, I worked with a lot of men who’d been traumatized after having exes steal money from them, abuse them, cheat on them and worst of all, not let them see their children.

The process I teach you in this is the same as what I taught them.

For them to be able to see their children, they had to suspend their ego & send positive, loving energy to the ex. Not an easy task when there’s so much emotion, resentment, blame & fear of making it worse.

But this is vital.

For you to get what you want, you have to be willing to (for)GIVE first.

The change in attitude and approach means that most of them now have civilized relationships with their exes and can see their kids. Because they swallowed their ego, took their power back and released any fear based emotions. The exes then responded in kind and it became a win win for everyone.

"Ainsley!!! I just finished module 2 and I'm like crying. (...) OMG sucker punch why don't ya. This is good good deep stuff"

Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey

Here's What You'll Learn

Module 1: Unlocking The Truth

The Liar n Fraud Process: Flush out the truth. This process will help you make sense of the part you played. You’ll find out how you could’ve influenced things more positively, accept your involvement & make peace with yourself.

Play On Words: Discover what key words & phrases make you overthink & analyse too much, giving it life. Once you’re aware of the loops, you can stop them before you end up down rabbit holes & redirect your thoughts to more positive things.

Module 2: Eliminate Ego & Drama

The 3 Point Drama Cycle: A 360° view of how you influence other people’s behaviours without even realizing it. This helps you end bullying, manipulation, victimhood & martyrdom cycles with other people. You’ll also get insights into what you cause & how to flip it so you’re engaging in more positive outcomes with people you love.

Flipping Negative To Positive: Get rid of the negative thoughts that swirl through your head & torment your emotions, you’ll see clearly your motivations. This will lift your self-awareness & you’ll catch yourself doing it which interrupts the entire pattern.

How To Be The Unbiased Observer: Step back into the ‘Observer’ position & distance yourself emotionally from the situation so you’re reflective & objective. Swinging the pendulum of power back in your direction.

Module 3: Love, Forgive & Thank

3 Position Empathy Method: This method helps you see all sides of the situation – in ways you can’t see now. While it’s challenging to park your ego & put yourself in their shoes, this process gives a multi level view to help you become more impartial.

The ‘Thank You’ Process: It’s time to forgive & let go. By this point you’ll be so clear about what happened, who did what, how everyone felt and accept it for what it is. So now it’s time to either reach out to them either physically or in your own head (whatever’s best for your situation) to make full amends & show gratitude to them for teaching you about yourself.

Module 4: A Future Empowered You

Framing Your Future: Decide who you want to be & how you want to be treated in the future. You’ll set solid boundaries, and clarify what traits you need to strengthen to always stay self aware, in control & assertive in any situation.

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6 Powerful Ways You Can Use This In Your Life

You Will;

Feel Indifferent When You See The Person In Question

After this process you’ll be completely blasé … maybe even feel compelled to say ‘hi’ (maybe). But you’ll have the power of choice, your heart won’t skip a beat, you won’t want to run across the street or avoid them at the bar. They’ll be just someone you knew once who taught you some awesome lessons in your life.

Have Stronger Boundaries

Your bullshit meter will be ON. With what you’ve been through, spotting red flags is much easier. You’ll be assertive and know when to pull the pin when something doesn’t feel good. And be strong enough to walk away to preserve your own sense of self.

Stop Attracting ‘Those Types’ Of People & ‘That Type’ Of Treatment

We train people to treat us how they do. So if you were disempowered coming into the situation, then that’s contributed to it. On the other hand, when your self-worth is strong, you value yourself & project that sense of value to others … they’ll treat you as a valuable human. Because they know they’ll never get away with that type of behaviour with you.

Assertively (But Lovingly) Dismantle Confrontations & Disagreements Before They Escalate To The ‘Need To Forgive’ Point

Get calm under fire and know how to diffuse tension before it gets to the point where someone WILL get hurt. Your newfound power puts you in control of your own emotions because you’ll have a 360° view of what’s going on & know how to influence the direction of it.

Free your Life Of Drama

You won’t be interested in drama because you’ll be too focused on an exciting future. Your talk will be about your plans, what makes you laugh and then finding like-minded people to share your positive outlook with.

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