*Creatively design your entire life on purpose

*Find lifelong solutions to escape your rut and pave the way for love, money, dream jobs, travel, lifestyle and anything else!

*Learn the fastest way to overcome ANY obstacle and get whatever you want through a simple method

*Retrain your brain so you think in more powerful and empowered ways ... to make better decisions that are always in line with your goals

*Make the transition from unsure, uninspired & stuck to a freakin awesome Life Designer!

This Is For You If ...

You Want Something SO BAD ... But It Keeps Running Off: You need something ... (ANYTHING!) to show you you're on the right track. 

.You Don't Know What You Want: So it'd be really handy to know what you DID want ... so you can be there.

You're Sick Of Rejection: Whether it's jobs, love, friendships, money, opportunities - you feel like the last kid being picked for the team. 

You Self Sabotage: You go great for a while, only to lose momentum & slip back into the pits of despair. So you want that consistent buzz of motivation to keep you going.

Buuuut. With The Life Rebounce & Alignment Method ...
This Will Be YOU

You Attract Opportunities Easily

Imagine you saying, ‘I want to land my dream job in 2 months’. Then the phone rings. This is like the little flag system they have in restaurants. Put your flag up? Offers, opportunities & insights will come from all directions (... with a tray of drinks. WIN!)


Your Emotions Will Be Chilled, Happy & Attractive To Others

With your smile button at the ready, you'll KNOW what mood you need to be in and where your attention needs to go. So you can attract your version of glory, roll around in it's juices & get it all over your clothes.


Commando Like Motivation
Kicking your own butt will be easy. Why? Because you've fallen in LOVE with the experience. You now know what you want ... that means you know what's worth putting your energy into & what isn't.


You Have The ONLY System You'll Ever Need For Your Personal Development
(minus the so-called 'gurus' spouting off wisdom they read in a Tony Robbins book)

I use this system for EVERYTHING. I built a $20k a month dating & personal development business, live in Central America, am totes zen about everything, found my crazy mates, have upskilled in my comedy writing, learned to love myself and my thighs (even though they still touch) … and so much more.
So imagine burning through your goals in 1/1000th of the time it took me.


Things Will Happen Without You Getting A Hernia

Imagine a total annihilation of the struggle. Where everything becomes so effortless & easy to do. You'll have the 'dance' between effort & letting go down to a fine art.


Start The Life Rebounce & Alignment Method Now For

Start Now!

4 Reasons Why I Know The Life Rebounce & Alignment Method Works

And why it’ll work for you!

  1. I Use This System In My Own Life Daily: Right now I'm using it to attract the relationship I want (it worked to attract my last one), improve my stand up comedy skills, set up my animal sanctuary, learn Muay Thai & blow up my business.
  1. My Failures Helped Me Fine-tune The Method: I’ve been like Thomas Eddison with his 1000 light bulbs. I tried so many different methods, ways, battles with my brain & self-belief, bombed spectacularly & suffered the consequences … all to clarify what DOESN’T work.
  1. My clients have had HUGE and FAST results: From finding ‘The One’ within 2 weeks to making $12,000 in a day to moving to France to landing their dream job to starting a motorbike tour business. That’s why this system is the only one you need – because it can be duplicated over & over again for anything.
  1. I Spent 10 Years & $80,000 Teaching & Studying The Science Of Success: I eat this stuff for breakfast every day. I’ve worked with some incredible minds and have done many courses on Psychology, NLP, Neuroscience & Law of Attraction.

5. It’s Already Working For My 10 Year Goal: I’m setting up an elephant & orangutan sanctuary in Thailand. And through this method, I’ve secured an investor who’s already paying into it every week to turn it into a reality.

What's IN The Life Rebounce & Alignment Method

I want you to wet your pants you're so excited about these results!

So you get;

* The entire method in step-by-step format ALL IN ONE GO!
When you pay, you get the entire program instantly (so you can get it done in 2 hours if you want to)

* 4 x classroom style video lessons, with explanations & diagrams. 

* Your Life Rebounce & Alignment Method worksheet

* VIP access to the Adventurefest community to ask questions or get clarity.

* Tools to train your subconscious mind ... so transformation happens with minimal conscious effort.

* Insights and AHA moments aimed to align you even further with what you want to achieve in your life.

10 Powerful Ways To Unleash This Method On Your Life!

This Baby Is As versatile as a Swiss Army Knife!

Mind-blowing mindset & habit forming strategies. ALL with a little daily effort for big fat results. You'll improve your motivation & discipline naturally because we take the emotion, fear, overwhelm and other self sabotaging behaviours out of it.


I've spent 10 years modelling people like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Gary Veynerchuck, Grant Cardone and Elliott Hulse.


I got inside their heads, watched their behaviour and learned their daily habits ... so I could duplicate it in my own life. And after lots of trial & error, I narrowed it down to The Life Rebounce & Alignment Method.


Here's How You Can Use The Method


Learn A New Skill 

Surfing, writing a book, building a deck, selling, rafting, kickboxing, weight lifting, making cabinets, not killing your plants ...


Improve A Personality Trait 

Be more authentic, charismatic, disciplined, consistent, positive, courageous, energetic, motivated, empathetic, be funnier, better memory


Find Love 

Attract the right person, get the confidence to put yourself out there, get clear on what you want, project attractiveness


Start A Business 

Sales skills, marketing, self promotion, money making, tech, copywriting, financial management, networking


Improve Your Career 

Interview confidence, writing a killer resume, starting a new career, asking for a promotion, getting a raise, get your dream job, change careers


Design Your Life 

Create your ideal lifestyle, travel, move across the country, live in a new country


Attract New Friends 

Social skills, confidence with new people, conversation skills, listening skills, being yourself


Improve Your Fitness 

Lose weight, get 6 pack abs, lift double your weight, run 10kms a day, bench press 30kg, get that peachy butt


Improve Your Health 

Discipline to eat more plants, create sustainable & healthy eating habits, meditation, mindfulness, going vegan


Build Your Confidence 

Self love, empowerment, standing up for what you believe in, assertiveness, authenticity, happiness


The list NEVER ends! Which means you can use it for every single area of your life, for the rest of your life.

In a space of 1 hour I decided to sell everything and house sit luxury homes in Central America. 2 months later I was here. And I've been living this reality for 15 months now. Change is as FAST AS THAT when you get out of your own way!


Start The Life Rebounce & Alignment Method Now For

Start Now!

4 Modules That'll Change Your Life In 2 Hours

Ok. So here's the meat in your 'Awesome Life Creation' sandwich ...

Each part of this method has been carefully constructed from models used in Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction

... as well as what's worked (and continues to work) for me, my colleagues and my clients.

So it's proven, backed by research and will feel like someone's taken the blinkers off & shown you your entire life's motivations in just 4 days.


Module 1: A 360° View Of YOU!

You'll learn why you go like a bat out of hell on some things ... and turn into Eeyore on others. You'll dig around those pain points so we can see what your biggest one is ... and then extract it like a homeless man's rotten tooth.


Module 2: Mindset Recalibration

This is gonna be FUUUUN! Here's where you get to design & create your ideal scenario. Watch it unfold before your eyes and notice how your attention to relevant ideas, objects, opportunities & people becomes razor sharp.


Module 3: 5 Steps To Mastery

You'll get my entire Adventurefest method to get you that relationship, dream job, your own business, travel the world, build your confidence and millions of other things.


Module 4: The Art Of Letting Go

The most important part! I'll teach you the dance between taking action & letting go so the process becomes fun and effortless!


BONUS!! 30 Minutes To Your BIG Ridiculous Dream

Still stuck on what you want in the big picture of your life? Learn my magic process for getting pure clarity on your future ... and creating something that'll make the naysayers cry!

**This is the same process I used to create my NEXT BIG Ridiculous dream. Setting up an elephant & orangutan sanctuary & eco resort in Thailand.

See What Others Say About My Work

 How Is This Different To Anything Else Out There?

Unlike the carbon copy Life Coaches out there, my work is original.
(and I'm a Teacher & Mentor - NOT a life coach)


I create models, workbooks and all of my content from 20 years of my own insights through personal experience.

Have I learned new skills from the greats? Of course!

It'd be negligent of me not to teach concepts that haven't been proven by science. So I also use an unbiased variety of modalities (NLP, Psychology, Neuroscience, Law of Attraction) because I don't believe one is better than the other (to be fair they all run along the same vein).

Not only that, I'm a living example that ANYONE can have the life they want. Because I knew the struggle for a very long time before things really took off consistently.


* I'm a kamikaze when it comes to risk

* I never do anything by halves

* I've often fallen flat because of it (but done a lot of incredible stuff)

* I had to learn the hard way how to align my head & emotions to what I want so I get it.

* I teach you the shortcuts so you don't make the same mistakes.

PLUS I use principles backed by SCIENCE after 10 years of teaching, mentoring, studying and experimenting in human behaviour, life design and success.

House sitting in Central America? I materialised in 2 months but decided on in 1 hour.

Everything I've done in the last 20 years? Most people won't do in a lifetime.

So it's my job to blow out your limitations so you join the Crazy Life Club & get everything you want!


So You Can Either Buy Yourself A Drink Or Two ...

Or get the Life Rebounce & Alignment Method and have a drink (or 10) to celebrate after you;

*Powerfully create your entire life on purpose

*Find lifelong solutions to escape your rut and pave the way for love, money, dream jobs, travel, lifestyle and anything else!

*Learn the fastest way to overcome ANY obstacle and get whatever you want through a simple method

*Retrain your brain so you think in more powerful and empowered ways ... to make better decisions that are always in line with your goals

*Make the transition from unsure, uninspired & stuck to a freakin awesome Life Designer!

money back logo

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you hate it, want to feed it to your dog, don’t think it’s worth the money OR you don’t feel any different in 30 days … I’ll give you your money back with love & best wishes!

You Get

* 4 x Video Modules

* 1 x LRAM Worksheet

* VIP Access To The Community 

* Community Support

* INSTANT Access To The Entire Method

* Powerful Insights Into Yourself & Your Perception Of The World

* AHA Moments & Realisations

* A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Start The Life Rebounce & Alignment Method Now For

Start Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this actually work?

HELL YES! It's worked for me, my clients, my friends & my students as I've taught it in different ways for 10 years now.  

FYI there's a catch. If you buy this & then skim over it, raise your eyebrows a few times ... but do NOTHING ELSE.

Then nope. It won't work.

Contrary to popular belief, transformation of any kind requires commitment. Through dedicated learning and taking action on what you learn.

But the simple action of deciding you're ready is enough momentum to have you seeing results FAST!


What Do I Do If I Get Stuck & Need Help?

Just for enrolling, you get instant VIP access to the Life Reinvention Learning Hub on Facebook.

Through there you can ask questions, seek support and meet other like minded crazies ready to shake things up in their lives.


Why Is This Only $49?

This is a special offer. So the price will rise incrementally until it gets to its normal $149 price mark.

THAT'S WHY YOU NEED TO HURRY! Because the price will go up very soon.

I used to run $5000 programs teaching this. But I realised that the people who need it most are those who need help to get back on their feet.

I know what it's like to struggle financially & emotionally - so giving you the chance to invest at a low amount helps me give back to you.

It's also to build a relationship with you and demonstrate to you what I know and HOW I can help. I want to share valuable information that's accessible to everybody ... while also valuing my own expertise & time (and paying my bills).