Live your ultimate lifestyle while doing work that lights your fire (and gets you paid)


Escape the grind, open your mind & find out what you ROCK AT



Clarify what you're good at, give you direction, make you successful (and excited as hell!)


Getting dull advice from Steve, the Careers Counsellor stuck in the 70's

There more reasons now than ever to leave behind a stiff, boring 9-5 existence 

And create a life that meshes your ultimate lifestyle with their zone of genius.

It's YOUR turn!

To escape the herd to do work out of love, not obligation?


If you have a personality and a past, then you can turn ANYTHING into a super fun cash cow.

Either by working in the job of your dreams or a running freedom lovin’ business



If you have skills, experience and knowledge to use in the most powerful way … then there are millions of people out here waiting for you to drop some knowledge bombs into their lives.  

They might even part with some money for the privilege.



If you’re busting to spread your wings and fly off into unknown lands (and need cash to keep the party going), then you have ENDLESS mix & match options at your disposal to help you do that. 


So you don’t have to sit in a B.O. ridden train for 2 hours a day to go to a sterile office to fall asleep & drool on the table in another mind numbing board meeting. 

But for as long as you procrastinate, thousands of other people are going before you and making the most of it before it gets too saturated out here.


So Whatta You Waiting For???


It's time to stop leaving opportunities on the table

... and missing out the life you're dreaming about.

This Is For You If ...

You're Flipping About Like A Dying Fish ... Not Knowing What You're Doing

If you're on the struggle train ... it's time to get off. You need something ... (ANYTHING!) to put you on the right track. Because right now, all it ever ends up in is Monday feet dragging & Friday Happy Hour medicating.


You Don't Know How To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

What you do know is that you're not where you want to be. And you're ready to clarify in your head (and your life), the exact thing that'll get your feet moving & blood pumping.


You're Sick Of Working Because You HAVE TO!

You need MONEY. So the thought of being low on cash during the 'in between' time, scares the shit out of you. But you need to do SOMETHING and put it all on the line so you do find your happiness.


You See Other People Winning & You're Happy For Them
(... But Secretly You Hope A Bear Eats Them) 

Seeing other people around you loving their lives because they're doing what makes their heart sing ... makes your heart sink. Because you're not there.


You Don't Know Where To Start 

Change feels like a mammoth task. You've got ideas & lots of inspo ... but now what? There are so many elements that you don't know what the first step should be.


You Feel Desperate, Despaired, Depressed And Despondent 

Ahhh the 4 D's. You want to bounce out of bed like Tigger every day. But right now you feel like Eeyore.

6 Reasons Why You Can't Get What You Want Right Now

You're Blocking Your Ideas: Every time you engage in the conversation 'What am I doing with my life?' a puppy dies. Actually, no, you kill your creativity. Your focus on the negative of what you don't have is a block.

You're Not Being Honest With Yourself: Conditioning of what you 'should be doing' is keeping you in a prison of discontentment. Your desires are being squashed down with layers of other people's expectations. The noise blocks out the truth.

You've Globalised The Problem: You're making it harder than it has to be. But you don't need to plan for the next 75 years. The next 2 will do. Your career will morph and change as you grow.

You Doubt Yourself & Your Ability To Do Something New: Everybody starts somewhere. And your new venture won't just be a new work, it's the biggest personal development activity you'll ever have to do. So it's not magic. You just need to be open to failing, learning, redirecting & winning.

You're Scared: This is a big deal. You have to leave what's safe & comfortable for the unknown - for possible failure. So I'll say it straight off the bat, you will fail. And you'll get up, dust yourself off & keep going.

You Know You'll Have To Start At The Bottom Again In A New Industry Which Means Less Pay & Lower Level Tasks: This is the biggest curse of all. IMPATIENCE! People want the 6 figure income NOW! But it doesn't work like that, so enjoy every lesson on your journey to fulfillment.


Buuuut. With The Escape Army Life Reinvention System
You'll Have A Mapped Out Strategy For Your Career & Life Aspirations So That ...

1. You won't awkwardly fondle your beer at parties when people ask you what you do anymore. Instead, you'll say, "about to transport a million dollar yacht across the Pacific. I don't know when I'll be back" (... which will lead to a lot of 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' and them thinking you're amazing).

2. You'll start secretly Googling things like, '6 Figure Jobs' or 'How To Work In A Hammock' when your boss isn't looking. Because your brain is on fire with lifestyle ideas (... that don't involve grey desks & flouro lights).

3. You'll discover what REALLY energises you and turns you on. It could be showing tourists lions & wildebeest in the Serengeti ... or selling your own products online (or both!). There are umpteen ways you can get paid - and you're about to meet them.

4. Your brain will FINALLY know what it's looking for. You'll pick up insights, opportunities & clues that you miss now because your attention is all over the place. And once you've got razor sharp vision, watch them show up FAST!

5. Super fun 'way outside the box', mix & match ideas for the lifestyle you want so you can have a ton of fun playing around with ideas & seeing what makes you happiest (... and gets you THERE in 6-12 months)

4 Reasons Why I Know The Escape Army Life Reinvention System Works

And why it’ll work for you!

  1. I'm A Job Skills Trainer: My job was to help clients think outside the box & get clarity around what they wanted to do. Some started businesses, became counsellors, managed stores and moved to exotic locations to work in hospitality & tourism.
  1. I've Had Some Epic Jobs: I’ve been a tour guide in Australia, Africa & New Zealand, worked in some of the best bars in tropical areas, am a digital nomad so I've got freedom to live anywhere, been a dating coach, taught personal development and a whole bunch of other jobs & elements in my business that fit my personality.
  1. I'm A Business Teacher & Former Recruiter: I've taught refugees & new immigrants how to find work & what kind of work suits them & their personality. I also know exactly what to look for in someone to find the gold.
  1. I Spent 10 Years & $80,000 Teaching & Studying Professional & Personal Development: I eat this stuff for breakfast every day. I’ve worked with some incredible minds and have done many courses on Business, Job Searching & Psychology

What's IN The Escape Army Life Reinvention System

I want you to wet your pants you're so excited about these results!

So you get;

* The entire method in step-by-step format ALL IN ONE GO!
When you pay, you get the entire program instantly (so you can get it done all at once or in 2 hours if you want to)

* 4 x classroom style video lessons, with explanations & diagrams. 

* 4 x worksheets

* VIP access to the Adventurefest community to ask questions or get clarity.

* Tools to flush out your deepest passions and zone of genius 

* Insights and AHA moments aimed to align you even further with what you want to achieve in your life.

My work has always been a reflection of my personality & what I loved to do as a kid. Whether as a tour guide or teaching or being an entrepreneur, everything I became has been a complete mirror to who I am.

Start Today For


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4 Modules That'll Change Your Life In 4 Hours

Ok. So here's the meat in your reinvention sandwich ...

Each part of this method has been carefully constructed from a combination of my job skills teachings, business training, psychology, experience in doing the things I love to do & creating a business that makes my heart sing (and lets me travel the world).


So it's proven, backed by research and will feel like someone's taken the blinkers off & shown you your entire future in just 4 weeks.


Module 1: The Meaning Of YOUR Life

6 key life questions to align your values with your life desires so you're living true to your own desires.

6 key work questions to draw out how you REALLY want to work, what makes you bounce out of bed & get things done.

The wants admission - getting to the core of where your heart REALLY IS!


Module 2: Uncover Your FIRE!

Pros & cons of job vs biz so you can weigh up what's best for you & gives you clarity on what to expect for each.

4 pronged process to dig out your true self & how you can create work that's 100% you!

The research impact - use the method I've taught hundreds of students to find out what's really right for you.

4 step brutal elimination process to clean up your list of ideal vocations.


Module 3: 5 Step Success Alignment Method

3 question mindset shift to help you overcome any obstacles & fears of stepping forward into your ideal work.

Learning gaps audit to see what resources, courses & other education you need to upskill yourself

Daily habits system to incorporate the relevant activities into your day to make sure you reach success


Module 4: Your Crazy Life Plan

How to be patiently impatient and create faster results by pacing yourself & approaching your goals methodically 

The priority blueprint to get your priorities in order 

12 month ‘My Crazy Life’ plan so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals within the next year


BONUS!! 30 Minutes To Your BIG Ridiculous Dream

Still stuck on what you want in the big picture of your life? Learn my magic process for getting pure clarity on your future ... and creating something that'll make the naysayers cry!

**This is the same process I used to create my NEXT BIG Ridiculous dream. Setting up an elephant & orangutan sanctuary & eco resort in Thailand.

See What Others Say About My Work

 How Is This Different To Anything Else Out There?

Unlike the carbon copy Life Coaches out there, my work is original.
(and I'm a Teacher & Mentor - NOT a life coach)


I create models, workbooks and all of my content from 20 years of my own insights through personal experience.

Have I learned new skills from the greats? Of course!

Not only that, I'm a living example that ANYONE can have the life they want. Because I knew the struggle for a very long time before things really took off consistently.

Here's a snapshot of my experience

  • Tour Guided through Africa, Australia & New Zealand
  • Worked in HR (recruitment, training)
  • Taught business, job skills & professional development
  • Had 3 businesses prior (previous 2 made $20k & $12k a month respectively)
  • 10 years studying & teaching personal development & success principles
  • Pushed over 2500 people out of their comfort zones through adrenaline activities, starting a business, finding love, building their confidence & self esteem, seeking work
  • Worked with a diverse range of people from refugees to methadone addicts to CEOs


So it's my job to blow out your limitations so you join the Crazy Life Club & get the career or business you want!


So You Can Either Buy Yourself A Drink Or Two ...

Or get the The Escape Army Life Reinvention System and celebrate after you;

*Powerfully create your entire life on purpose

*Find lifelong solutions to escape your work rut and pave the way for more money, your dream job or business, travel, lifestyle and anything else!

*Retrain your brain so you think in more powerful and empowered ways ... to make better decisions that are always in line with your goals

*Make the transition from unsure, uninspired & stuck to a freakin awesome Life Designer!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you hate it, want to feed it to your dog, don’t think it’s worth the money OR you don’t feel any different in 30 days … I’ll give you your money back with love & best wishes!

You Get

* 4 x Video Modules

* VIP Access To The Community 

* 24/7 Support

* INSTANT Access To The Entire Method

* Powerful Insights Into Yourself & Your Perception Of The World

* AHA Moments & Realisations

* A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All for just 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this actually work?

HELL YES! It's worked for me, my clients, my friends & my students as I've taught it in different ways for 10 years now.  

FYI there's a catch. If you buy this & then skim over it, raise your eyebrows a few times ... but do NOTHING ELSE.

Then nope. It won't work.

Contrary to popular belief, transformation of any kind requires commitment. Through dedicated learning and taking action on what you learn.

But the simple action of deciding you're ready is enough momentum to have you seeing results FAST!


What Do I Do If I Get Stuck & Need Help?

Just for enrolling, you get instant VIP access to the Adventurefest FB community.

Through there you can ask me questions, seek support and meet other like minded crazies ready to shake things up in their lives.